After the rain

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It rained pretty hard before Anna and I created this image. We had hid under a scaffolding on Laight Street for about 30 minutes. While we waited we had time for a nice chat. I cannot remember exactly what we talked about but I feel it helped me understand Anna and that eventually translated into this image we created. The rain and our conversation became the creative process. Continue Reading

Ballerina Project on the fence

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In this image it was Violeta’s idea to do an image up on this chain-link fence. She felt comfortable being up there and was able to do a lot while balancing on the fence. This was the second time we shot on this bridge. After the success of the first go around we felt we could do more with this location. Continue Reading

Ballerina Projects in the streets

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This image was photographed on Amsterdam Avenue near Columbia University in New York City. Victoria and I composed the image days before when we scouted the campus for different locations. What you don’t see was a whole group of Chinese tourist who were standing next to me when I was taking this image. They were very fascinated by the shoot and we probably left a very big impression on them. Continue Reading

early days of the Ballerina Project

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This image was photographed on the boardwalk at Coney Island, Brooklyn. We styled Laura in a vintage 50s Jantzen swimsuit and cap to pay tribute to the history of Coney Island. We were also lucky enough to both capture lightning in the background and miss the rainstorm that soon followed. Continue Reading

early days of the Ballerina Project

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This is an image from the early days of the Ballerina Project. It was photographed at Coney Island, Brooklyn on a chilly May afternoon. By the time we took this picture Laura was freezing and from my memory one of the last images taken that day. Continue Reading