A morning in the East Village

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Alex and I created this image early one morning in the St. Marks and Astor Place area in the East Village. Even at 6 am there was still a number of people in the area that morning. I remember a group of people watching us while we took this image in particular before they entered the uptown 6 Train station. Continue Reading

Dancing in the rain

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Violeta and I created this image on a rainy day in Battery Park. We had the idea of doing a shoot on a rainy day to help give more drama and effect. The idea in principle seemed simple but the practice of photographing in rain is never quite as easy as it sounds. We had attempted to shoot the day before but the forecast for rain let us down. Luckily on this day we got our rain. Continue Reading

Ballerina in Recession

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Amelia and I created this image in her Washington Heights apartment. Feedback to this image has been mostly focused around eating disorders within the dance world. To be quite honest when Amelia and I created this image it was based upon the poverty associated with being an artist Amelia’s refrigerator happened to be empty and we had a conversation of the monetary sacrifices we each made to our art. This image was a product of that exchange. Continue Reading

Colors of Williamsburg

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Kate and I created this image on a sunny spring morning in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I gave little direction for this series of images and only presented a stage to perform on. I wanted for Kate to be herself. Continue Reading

A platform for dance

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I created this image with Brittany earlier this year at 14th Street F & V subway platform in New York City. It was February so it was still very chilly within the subway station. The shoot only lasted for about 40 minutes but we captured this image at the very end. Continue Reading

Quiet in Soho

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This image of Simone was created on a summer morning in Soho. I personally prefer the quiet and reflective images of the project opposed to ones that showcase a dancers facility, flexibility and form. Because the medium of the project is still photography I see it most important to capture the dancer and not dance. Continue Reading

Graffiti ballerina

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Christie and I created this image at a building in Queens known as 5 Pointz. We arrived to the location around 7 am on a humid summer morning. Luckily we got this shoot in before the heavy rain and an angry security guard tried to put a stop us. Continue Reading

No snakes in Central Park

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Stephanie was one of the few dancers that were willing to pose in the waters of Central Park. Unfortunately Stephanie had a phobia of snakes and was concerned that one would emerge from the depths of the lake. In all my years of living in New York City I never saw or heard of any snakes in Central Park so I assured her not worry. She still had some reservations but we were able to create this beautiful image. Continue Reading

Ballerina in Beantown

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On a chilly fall day in 2009 I rode the Megabus up to Boston to photograph Kelsey. This was the first time meeting and working with Kelsey but we managed to create many beautiful images that day. We first did images at Boston Ballet’s main studio and later we ventured outside. Continue Reading