Ballerina Project limited edition prints

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Update 6/14/2018

The Ballerina Project has discontinued the sale of our 11×14 inch and 16×20 inch prints however there is a selection of remaining 16×20 prints on our Etsy account. Once these prints are sold there will be no more available for this print size for the foreseeable future. 

Ballerina Project Etsy link:

Currently we will still our offering large format “special order” limited edition prints of 36 x 24 inch image size on a 40 x 30 inch sheet or larger. Prices start around $1500 plus shipping. If you are interested in ordering a large format “special order” limited edition print just email us at

Please note that we do not offer our images for high resolution download.

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  1. Marie GRIMPREL says:

    Majestueusement Magnifique

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  3. Gennaro Esca says:

    Magnifique Ballerina Project

  4. Nadine says:

    She is so beautiful ♥ really love the picture

  5. dahi. says:

    stunningly beautiful ♥

  6. Faith says:

    Love these prints. I used to dance

  7. Nurka Muksin says:

    Wow beautiful i love it.

  8. “Ballerina Project limited edition prints | Ballerina Project” certainly got
    myself simply hooked with your web site! I personallywill probably wind up being back again significantly more frequently.
    Thanks ,Dylan

  9. Vibeke says:


  10. Morgan Brennan says:

    I really love this project!! ♥