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Subscribe to the new Ballerina Project website and help take the project to greater heights.

Follow this link to subscribe:

With the introduction of the new Ballerina Project subscription website there will be several changes in our direction and practices. The new subscription website will most importantly pave the way to a sustainable future while creating the opportunity of taking the project to greater heights. We hope to generate new resources that will allow the project to venture to more places around the world and also enhance the ability to create more memorable content.

The new Ballerina Project website will be our main hub for the way we share our content. The new website will have a library of over 2000 images and will be continued to be updated several times a week. The new website will also have several features that will make it easier for viewers to sort through our large collection of images. Subscribers can sort photographs by either the ballerina or the location of where the image was created. To also enhance the discovery of our images most ballerinas who have posed for the project will have a biography posted on this new website.

We will continue our Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest pages but the future of the Ballerina Project will be built around the new website. No current Ballerina Project images will be removed from our social networking pages but the new website will be the only place to see all of our new work. We will only be posting approximately 60% of our new images posted to Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and our blog. However you will not need a subscription to view the Ballerina Project blog. Like our other social networking pages it will be open to the public and free of charge.

The new website will also bring a web shopping cart to conveniently purchase our limited edition prints and future merchandise. Only subscribers to the new website will have access to purchase prints or merchandise. Fortunately with your subscription you will automatically receive a $14.95 merchandise credit via your welcome email to purchase one of our limited edition prints (Merchandise credit cannot be used to purchase another subscription). This means your subscription to the new website will be virtually free if you are planning on purchasing one of our limited edition prints. Just remember to use your merchandise coupon code at checkout. Follow this link for further information on purchasing a limited edition Ballerina Project print:

You can also purchase a Gift Subscription to the new Ballerina Project website for a family member or friend:

Follow this link to subscribe:

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  1. Luz Morante says:

    The lines dancers are beautiful and the combination of natural views make your project Gorgeous!!!!!

  2. Aielle Saint Fleur says:

    I love the concept of your website. Truly beautiful and inspiring.

  3. Katerina Tournaki says:

    amazing photos.

  4. says:

    very good concept!!! harmony from nature and dancers is a perfection, thank and keep. xavier

  5. Janine Niccolai-Gram says:

    I follow your website very closely and just Love the Photos. Maybe someday I might be able to have a photo!!!!!!!!!

  6. Amber Vignieri says:

    I absolutely have fallen in love with the Ballerina Project! From a woman who loves NYC, dance, photography, and seeing the beauty hidden in every day life, I am truly inspired by the gorgeous imagery constantly put forward by the Project. Bravo!

  7. natalie Robinson says:

    Love love love!!!

  8. Rosemary Merino says:

    So amazing and sooo beautiful and lovely and wonderful:)