• Please contact us at info@ballerinaproject.com if you have any problems with subscribing or logging on to the Ballerina Project website. Let us know the type of computer (PC or Mac), your operating system software and web browsing software you are using to subscribe or login with. Please also include the version number of both your operating system and web browsing software. This information will be helpful with trouble shooting your issues. 
  • Currently the Ballerina Project is not accepting any submissions of images or videos.
  • If you are interested in posing for the Ballerina Project please email images of yourself and a current resume to info@ballerinaproject.com
  • Do not give away your log-in information to others. The website will only allow one person at a time to be logged in with a specific set of log-in information.
  • All images are copyright of © Dane Shitagi.

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